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Translation, Localization, MT & AI related trade fairs in 2024

Mar / 2024 / by wsadmin

The demand for effective translation, localization and AI driven solutions are ever increasing and to remain on the top of the game, attending trade fairs and conferences become a must. 2024 is going to be a promising year for those who are looking out to expand their network, establish connections and develop their business as many biggest and most notable events are scheduled to occur.


Attending these events are highly essential for networking, professional development, recognition and in gaining insights while getting exposed to the latest trends and technologies as well. These conferences offer invaluable opportunities for growth and collaboration to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Start date Event name and keywords Venue
21st April 2024

GALA 2024 Valencia

Globalization, Localization, networking, education and strategic thinking.

Valencia, Spain
22nd April 2024

BP24 translation conference

Translation, audio-visual localization, new technologies and international marketing.

Seville, Spain
4th May 2024

CATI 2024

Interpretation strategies

Charlotte, NC
15th May 2024

ELIA - execs

For language industry executives, Strategies for client acquisition, client relationships.

23rd May 2024


Technological innovations and advancements in the language industry, Language AI, Networking

London, UK
23rd May 2024

ANETI networking event

For translation companies and industry providers,Current trends, challenges, networking

Barcelona, Spain
4th June 2024


Localization industry’s premium educational as well as Networking event.

Dublin, Ireland
7th June 2024

2024 ITI conference

Interpreting, technological changes, keynotes, presentations

Edinburgh, UK
25th June 2024

Game quality forum global

Gaming industry, for Game developers presentations, panel, networking event.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
11th September 2024

ALC 22nd annual conference

For LSPs, Presentations, discussions, networking, seminars.

Quebec, canada
14th October 2024

Meet central europe conference

Translation, Localization, Build connections, networking, presentations, discussions, future insights.

Prague, czech republic
30th October 2024

ATA annual conference - ATA65

For LSPs, learning and networking event.

Oregon, USA


Advancements in AI & Ml have been elevating day by day, and with these rapid progressions, staying ahead and familiarizing yourself with the latest technologies become exponentially crucial. These events not only provide an opportunity to explore this evolving field but also provide an exposure to diverse applications and training opportunities.

Start date Event name Venue
26th March 2024

Data council Austin ’24

Data engineering, applied Gen AI, MLOps, Analytics, recent advancements in AI.

Austin, TX
5th April 2024

GHOST DAYL applies ML conference

Applied Machine learning, data analysis.

Poznan, Poland
8the April 2024

RAISE summit

Corporate innovation, Gen AI, responsible AI activation.

Paris, France
16th April 2024

Generative AI summit

LLMs, Gen AI systems and advancements.

San jose, CA
24th April 2024

Data innovation summit

Biggest Nordic event, AI driven transformations.

Stockholm, Sweden
24th April 2024

World summit AI americas

Quantum apocalypse, cybersecurity, encryption, multimodality, Gen AI, LLM.

Montreal, Canada
25th April 2024

Applied AI Nordics

AI adoption in the workplace, opportunistic to strategic approaches.

Copenhagen, Denmark
8th May 2024

Middle east AI and banking analytics summit 2024

Development of AI in banking in KSA.

Saudi Arabia
15th May 2024

Rise of AI conference

Networking, virtual as well as in person, C-level

Berlin, Germany
15th May 2024

World data summit 2024

Data governance & digital transformation, data visualization, privacy and ethics, data literacy & culture, Gen AI, LLMs.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
21st May 2024

Enterprise generative AI summit west coast

Data science, business-level decision making.

Silicon valley, CA
22nd May 2024

2024 embedded vision summit summit

Technical insights, business trends, vision technologies in AI

Santa clara, CA
2nd June 2024

AI con USA

AI ML advancements, collaboration, networking, industry insights.

Las vegas, NV
3rd June 2024

Data cloud summit 2024

AI, Gen AI, apache iceberg, application development and much more.

San francisco, CA
4th June 2024

Machine learning week

Insights for the data science industry, discussions, networking.

Phoenix, AZ
5th June 2024


Transformative AI technologies, AI advancements, networking.

12th June 2024

The AI summit London

Commercial AI.

London, UK
17th June 2024

World conferences on data science and statistics

Data governance, data literacy, privacy and ethics, applications of ML, open source data technologies.

Amsterdam , netherlands
12th August 2024

Ai4 2024

Latest applications, Gen AI, best practices.

Las vegas, NV
9th September 2024

Efficient generative AI summit west coast

Data foundation, Gen AI, networking.

San jose, CA
10th September 2024

The AI conference 2024

AGI, Foundation Models and Large Language Models, Generative AI, Neural Architectures, AI Infrastructure, AI Use Cases, Ethics and Alignment, Data Management tools for AI, AI Startups and Investment and much more.

San Francisco, CA
18th september 2024

Big data london

Best practices, tools and technologies, networking.

London, UK
1st October 2024

Collide data conference 2024

latest trends and advancements in data-driven decision making.

Atlanta, GA
1st-2nd October 2024

AI and big data expo

Responsible AI, Ethical AI, AI Against Hackers, AI Led Personalization, Data Monetization, Data Quality Management, Enterprise Adoption of AI, The Augmented Workforce, The Rise of AIOps and Embracing AI to Drive Digital Transformation.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
9th October 2024

World Summit AI

AI in action, deep dive tech talks, moonshots, responsible AI, metaverse and much more.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
28th October 2024

GovAI summit 2024

For exploring the opportunities and challenges in public services, innovations, governance in AI.

Arlington, VA
6th November 2024

Future of AI 2024

AI investing, business strategy, cybersecurity and ethics.

London, UK
18th November 2024

Qcon San Francisco

Data engineering, emerging software trends and development.

San Francisco, CA
11th December 2024

The AI summit New York

AI at scale stage, cybersecurity, finance, AI expo, next gen application and much more.

New York city, New York

In conclusion, these top trade fairs are something not to be overlooked or skipped as they are legitimate windows for professional as well as personal growth.

So mark your calendars and make sure to seize these opportunities to explore your endless options!