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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training Data Companies

Jul / 2023 / by wsadmin

The AI transformation has profoundly changed the world, and its consequences can be seen in every industry across the globe. It has transformed the way businesses carry out their ordinary operations, resulting in a substantial increase in productivity. 

Most companies have already adopted, or are contemplating AI in some form. However, to obtain precise results for machines, high-quality labeled data is required that can be fed into machine learning algorithms. Labeled data is used to train AI models or machine learning algorithms, to make informed judgments.

The quality of the training data determines the performance of any AI model or project. You cannot expect a model to work well, if the data you use to train it is not good enough. This is a recipe for disaster and you will not succeed.

Your data is the key factor for your success. If you use a great algorithm, but you feed your machine with inadequate data, it will not learn the right things, disappoint you and your customers, and not work as you want it to.

One of the most difficult parts of working on a machine learning project is collecting huge amounts of high-quality AI training data that fits all the criteria for a specific learning goal. In this blog, we have listed the top training data providers to watch out for in 2023.

  • Appen: Appen is a data solutions and services company that provides data for machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company’s solutions include search technology, platform overview, audio transcription and categorization, enterprise capabilities, labeling capabilities, workflow, training data, data collection, and database services. Appen also offers data services that include relevance, speech, and image data. The company serves technology industries, automotive, financial services, government, retail, and healthcare. It has operations in Australia, the United States, China, and the Philippines. Their headquarters are in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

  • Lionbridge: Liombridge is a leading provider company in this field. They help businesses reach global customers by offering marketing, testing, and localization services in more than 300 languages. Lionbridge connects a network of 500,000 enthusiastic experts in over 5,000 cities, who collaborate with brands to produce culturally diverse experiences. Headquartered in Waltham, Mass., Lionbridge runs solution centers in 27 countries through their platform.

  • Scale AI: In 2016, Scale AI started as a one-stop shop, for offering human labor to do the tasks that algorithms could not handle — in other words, the inverse of AI. Soon after, cofounders Alexandr Wang and Lucy Guo saw that humans were needed to label data for AI in self-driving cars. Scale took advantage of that boom and became a major data provider for generative AI. It had a valuation of $7.3 billion in 2021.

  • Labelbox: Labelbox offers software that enables companies to handle the annotation of data for fast deployment of AI applications. The company is led by co-founders Manu Sharma and Brian Rieger, who are avid aviation fans, and have helped to address data-centric challenges faced when building deep-learning applications for use, such as autonomous vehicles, smart robots, or speech and text recognition systems. Customers like Airbnb, John Deere and Procter & Gamble use the software to label small batches of “training data”, so that AI models can learn how to infer from the larger amounts of raw data that the companies gather in their day-to-day business operations. In January 2022, the company secured a new funding round at a valuation of around $1 billion.

  • Sama: Sama is a worldwide expert in data labeling services for corporate AI systems, that demand the utmost precision. As an industry trailblazer with 15-years of experience, Sama’s proficiency and solutions are trusted by leading companies such as GM, Ford, Continental, Google, and many more. Sama provides annotation and validation services for image, video, language, lidar, and sensor data for sophisticated machine learning algorithms. As a leader in ethical AI and as a Certified B-Corp, we’ve pioneered an impact model that leverages the power of markets for social good, and has been proven to significantly improve employment, and income outcomes for those with the greatest barriers to formal work. So far, assisting more than 60,000 people to rise out of poverty.

  • DefinedCrowd: DefinedCrowd is a reputable startup that specialises in offering top-notch training data for AI. With a particular prominence on natural language processing, they have developed a platform that facilitates the collection, annotation, transcription, translation, and validation of various types of natural language data, encompassing text, speech, audio, and video. 

  • iMerit: iMerit is an esteemed social impact company that aims to provide training data for AI, while empowering underprivileged youth, and women through digital skills training, and employment opportunities. Their platform delivers exceptional data annotation services for diverse tasks, such as image annotation, video annotation, natural language processing, and data verification. 

  • Clickworker: Clickworker is a well-known company in the field of providing training data for AI. With a crowd of over 2.8 million registered workers worldwide, they possess a vast network of resources. Clickworker’s platform enables efficient data collection, annotation, transcription, translation, and categorization for various types of data including text, image, video, audio, and geospatial. 

  • CloudFactory: CloudFactory is another commendable company in the realm of training data for AI. They boast an impressive workforce of over 10,000 cloud workers, situated in Africa and Asia. Their platform supports seamless data annotation across different tasks, such as image annotation, video annotation, natural language processing, and data enrichment. 

  • Playment: Playment is a notable startup that specialises in providing training data for AI, with an emphasis on computer vision. Playment offers an exceptional platform that allows users to perform detailed data annotations across various tasks, including image classification, object detection, semantic segmentation, 3D cuboid annotation, lidar annotation, and video annotation.

In summary, keeping tabs on the top 10 artificial intelligence training data companies in 2023, is crucial for staying abreast of industry advancements. These companies offer first-rate training data, suitable for diverse projects across fields, spanning healthcare, finance, retail, technology and more. Their extensive workforce, scalability potential, and history of producing positive outcomes, make them highly dependable choices for clients. 

Considering the steadfast rise of AI and ML applications within different sectors, the demand for reliable training data will, no doubt, continue to surge. Truly, nurturing accurate, efficient, and dependable AI models, directly hinges on the efficacy of training datasets. Creating and managing such datasets, however, is an undertaking that demands substantial investments in terms of time, effort, resources, as well as expertise.

It would therefore be a wise move, to entrust your organisation’s training dataset needs to specialised providers. Adopting this approach bears multiple benefits. Beyond the obvious cost savings, it grants you access to an expansive array of diverse data sources, alongside a pool of highly adept experts. Notably, you can also count on stringent quality control measures being enforced, allowing you to concentrate on enhancing your core competencies, and achieving your objectives. 

When searching for an honourable and reliable partner to cater to your AI training data necessities, we encourage you to reach out to any of these companies, for a quote or consultation. Their representatives will be more than happy, to assist you in fulfilling your individual requirements and aspirations. We genuinely hope that this blog post has expanded your understanding, on the top ten artificial intelligence training data companies, worth knowing in 2023.